9/11/13 – Zoning Board Denies Permit

WE DID IT with a lot of help from these people who are experts in their fields!

We would like to thank:

  • David J. Paliotti, Esquire and Greenbaum, Nagle, Fisher & Paliotti, LLP
  • Stephen E. Ambrose and S.E. Ambrose & Associates
  • Michael S. McCann, CRA and McCann Appraisal LLC
  • Dr. Raymond S. Hartman for his comprehensive work which he graciously allowed us to use
  • Mike Ercolini of Hayes Messina Gilman & Hayes for his personal presentation on behalf of Algonquin Heights
  • Peg Doyle and Kathy Jodrey, Doyle Web Development
  • Residents of Algonquin Heights
  • Our neighbors from Plymouth, Falmouth, Kingston & etc.
  • Staff of Algonquin Heights for their hard work and dedication

Finally, we also to thank the ZBA members who recognized the complex issues that were compounded by proximity and voted against the Special  Permit.


Industrial Wind Turbines Don’t Belong
Near Residential Areas: WHY?

  • Reduced Home Values Within 2 Miles
  • Create Nuisances and Health Problems


Why Should Plymouth Residents be Forced to Endure Shadow Flicker?
Should this be located at Myles Standish Plaza?
Should Our Town Be Subjected To Constant, Annoying Noise Pollution?
Why Should We Put The Health Of The Plymouth People At Risk?
Why Should The Safety Of People Be Put In Jeopardy?
Wind Turbine Ice Throws

The Zoning Board must say No!

Stop & Shop’s request for a SPECIAL PERMIT does not comply with the town’s Bylaw.

Neighbors and Neighborhoods Respond

neighborhood-imageDocuments presented to the
Plymouth Zoning Board

Objections to the Turbine document 1 (.pdf)
Objections to the Turbine document 2 (.pdf)
Published by Algonquin Heights Association and sent to the Zoning Board, this 150+ page document provides sound reasoning and studies describing the impact this turbine will have on the Plymouth community.

Environmental Noise Presentation (.pdf)
A copy of the June 19, 2013 presentation to the Zoning Board of Appeals by Stephen Ambrose, this presentation addresses acoustic, environmental sound, and industrial noise control as it relates to turbines.

Property Value Impact (.pdf)
This presentation created by McCain Appraisal, LLC speaks to decreases in property values as a result of industrial turbines.

In addition, a recent comprehensive 9 year study in New York stated in part, “We find that nearby wind facilities significantly reduce property values.”

Signed Petition to Deny Permit (.pdf)

Wind Turbine Noise Assessment (.pdf)
A copy of the upcoming  September 11, 2013 presentation to the Zoning Board of Appeals by Stephen Ambrose, this presentation addresses the issue of whether the Stop & Shop turbine will meet existing noise regulations.

Letters Exchanged with Department of
Environmental Protection (DEP)

April 23, 2013 Letter To DEP requesting participation in meetings relating to the turbine

June 7, 2013 Letter from DEP questioning methods of measurement